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  1. To add your sighting, first select whether you are recording cormorants, mergansers or goosanders or a colony of birds. A colony is a group of birds that are living in one regular location.
  2. Complete the other details of your sighting as accurately as possible.
  3. When you have entered all your details, click on the 'PLACE' button.
  4. Move your mouse cursor over to the map and drop it in the approximate area where your sighting took place.
  5. Once the pin is dropped, you can zoom in by double clicking, scrolling your mouse wheel or by using the zoom slider. As you go, drag and drop your pin, to ensure that the position is as accurate as possible.
  6. Zoom as close as you can to the position of your sighting. Sometimes switching the map to 'Terrain' will help you identify the exact spot.
  7. When you are happy with your selected location, move your mouse cursor off the map and click 'SUBMIT' on the form.
  8. That's it! Your sighting will be added as soon as we approve it - this is usually within a few hours but might take a bit longer.

Don't forget to bookmark this site, keep your eyes peeled and come back every time you want to report a sighting.

It's really important to let other anglers know about the site so please use the links at the top to add this to your Facebook and Twitter then use the envelope icon to email a link to all your friends so they can do their bit too.
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